This is what an iPhone with a hole-punch and Face ID might look like

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently said that Apple is looking to ship an iPhone without a notch next year with a hole-punch camera taking its place. I wasn’t too keen on that idea myself because I assumed it meant the loss of Face ID. But that might not necessarily be the case.

Developer Cameron wanted to see what an iPhone with a hole-punch design might look like if it retained all of the gubbins needed to make Face ID work. So he set about doing just that, with three different options shared with me via Twitter; one with three horizontal holes, one with holes in a triangle shape, and another with the cameras hidden beneath the display.

I’m a particular fan of the first option, myself.

Check it out.

Cameron had to remove the iPhone’s ambient light sensor to make this happen and the speaker grille has been done away with, replaced by an induction speaker. But the way this thing looks makes it all worth it.

Took out ambient light sensor, to my knowledge this could be replaced with light sampling via front camera.

As much as I don’t mind the notch, there’s no denying that all of these images shared by Cameron look much nicer than the iPhone 12 that we have today. I’m not sure what having these kinds of camera setups will do to the screen protector situation, though. But there are tons of screen protectors for iPhone 12, I can’t imagine companies struggling to make some that fit the new camera arrays here!


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