Dr. Moma patients begin quest of getting re-vaccinated

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – Dr. Moma’s Health and Wellness Clinic is being investigated by the state for allegedly storing vaccines improperly.

As we learn more about what exactly happened at Dr. Moma’s Health and Wellness Clinic, many of the patients that were vaccinated there have begun their quest to get re-vaccinated.

Liz St. Clair looked high and low for a vaccine appointment the minute she became eligible.

“I tried for weeks just to get an appointment. It was crazy,” she said. “While working on my work laptop, I had my personal laptop open checking the vaccine finder.”

She was relieved when she finally landed an appointment at Dr. Moma’s Health and Wellness Clinic. She made the trip down from Denver and got vaccinated with the Pfizer shot. Only to find out a few weeks later she would need to get re-vaccinated.

“I’m very careful, like I’ve been isolating since March of last year and, so I’ve really been looking forward to being around people. So just the frustration of having to prolong that for me.”

And so began St. Clair’s search for another vaccine. Thankfully, she was already on multiple lists and was able to get an appointment quickly. She just got her second, first shot Saturday. She was given a new vaccine card this time, and says the fiasco at Dr. Moma’s didn’t deter her from getting the shot–correctly.

“I know we all have our personal feelings about vaccinations, but again, I’m of the mindset that I’d rather prevent something worse from happening than take that the risk,” she said.

Her advice to others still looking?

“Don’t give up.”

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